3838Trinity ReaganMid9
2727Taylor WitMID10
2525Ashlynn HansenMID12
2222Bresha KeeganMID10
2020Callie ConnellDef10
1818Emma WojtanowiczDef12
1717Mara KarnMID11
1616Sydney ReuterMID12
1515Riley SchadMID10
1414Leah ArnoldFWD10
1313Shea EllenderDef10
1111Ellie SchadFWD12
1010Kylee BennettMID11
99Annika EnevoldsenDef11
2929Bryanna KuhnFWD12
88Lily ParrisDef12
77Peyton KingDef12
55Ireland LoosDef12
33Abbie NogaFWD11
00Kira ZollerGK12
0000Jennifer AdelGK12


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